Window Cleaning

Tools Used by Professional Window Cleaning Companies

Only the professionals are aware of the importance of window cleaner tools. For starters, window cleaning is not an easy job to do, especially with adamant stains and “hard to clean” spots. However, if the professional cleaners are equipped with the right kinds of tools, then the job gets significantly more straightforward with excellent results.

Since there is plenty of option in the market, in this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the best professional tools that are mandatorily used by professional cleaning services.


This is a basic windows cleaning tool that is used by homemakers, organization cleaners as well as professionals. It consists of a handle, a channel and a rubber. Some of the traditional tools also make use of heavier elements like a brass handle to maintain the pressure on the windows.


Extension poles

Extension poles are the equipment that is essential while cleaning tall buildings, accompanied by ladders. They’re also used for windows that are hard to reach, without assistance, or in lifts. Such tools are mostly made of ultra-lightweight aluminium metal or carbon fibres. The ones with ergonomic grips and replaceable tips work the best as they’re economical.

Solution and buckets

Although these tools are not exclusively mandatory, they’re an essential element of any cleaning procedures. And when we talk of the solution, the professional cleaners would keep the solution simple. It can include anything from dish soap, shampoo, to professional cleaning solutions that remixed with solvents. Buckets are generally the inexpensive plastic buckets that can be grabbed from any hardware store. One rectangular bucket, to fit the T bar is essential for getting the job done correctly.

Solution and buckets


Extension poles are required to keep the feet high in the sky for tall buildings or transparent glass lifts, etc.; ladders are a classic addition to these kinds of facilities. If you’re looking for a good scrub on tall windows or the 20th floor of your building, then the professional cleaners generally make use of  ladders.

Telescopic poles

Telescopic poles are another additional tool for the buildings that are positioned higher than the ground level. These are better than the classic poles. This is because the tip of these tools has special gaps and cavities that support additional tools like the squeegees or other tools that provide further assistance in cleaning the windows. They’re also used in the form of an extension tool to clean the hard to reach spots on the surfaces.

Window cleaning belts

Belts are generally just a piece of clothing that is essential to store the tools, instead of bending and taking them out every time, you can arrange the tools in the belt so that it will be easier to reach out in the time of need.

Window cleaning belts


Apart from the ones mentioned above, other tools help the professional window cleaners in achieving their task to perfection. These are the ones that are mandatory and essential for achieving the task effectively.