cleaning techniques

Window cleaning techniques used by Companies

The business methods used by window cleaning companies and businesses determine the success rate of the company. With the right choice of business methods and outstanding job performance, a professional window cleaning company can develop a healthy and functional enterprise. Some tasks and tips are especially important for start-up companies to follow to achieve excellence.

Window cleaning techniques

Window cleaning jobs can be considered mainly as a task for cleaning and enhancing the quality and the speed of the work. It is much more like a cleaning job at home or an organization as they’re done in public view. Businesses and companies must invest in the right kinds of tools, skills and equipment to learn the apt methods and techniques.

Some companies hire professionals that have okay experience in the field. In contrast, the others hire people and train them in the job, as no additional certificates and degree is required for window cleaners. Soma companies also spend a good 2-3 months in preparing the people in the business so that they can watch and learn from experienced professionals and give you an edge over other companies.

Window cleaning techniques

Window cleaning risks

Every job is associated with risks and risk factors, and so does window cleaning. Some can be minor, whereas others are deadly. Windows cleaning services generally have insurances for their employers, and employers safety is their priority. Hence, while training them in the techniques, they typically put them through situations that they will have to face in real life. According to reports submitted in 1932, nearly one in every two hundred window cleaners died every year, due to the negligence of the risks faced by them. Many such reports, forced the companies to train their employees in such an away that they could avoid such risks and keep deadly situations at bay

The decline in labour requirements

As technological advancements have increased in the contemporary world, cleaning is also an essential field in robotics and the right kind of technology issued to diminish the use of human labour for such small tasks. Much progress has also been made in this field, to minimize the need for human labour, with the extensive use of technology. One of the significant advancement is the use of pressure washer, that does not require the labourers to apply immense pressure on the dirty areas of the window, which can he did by applying enormous water pressure instead.

Another addition to this is the use of robotic window cleaners, which is finding extensive use in high technological societies. They make use of fully automated robotic cleaners that do most of the cleaners’ job in the blink of an eye. They make use of magnets, fans, vacuums and many other types of equipment that are attached to glass in a particular pattern—This helps in eliminating the need to apply pressure as well as motor the procedure on tall buildings.