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Safety Inspections For Buildings

Safety Inspections For Buildings

Building Safety Inspections

Aside from being a legal requisite, building inspections in Australia are essential for your safety and the protection of the general public. There are various forms of building safety inspections which are often conducted annually, depending on the risks associated with the building. If you own buildings required to undergo building safety inspections, knowing more about the procedure and everything in it is very important.


Safety Inspections

Building safety inspections are usually conducted by service providers who also provide for solutions whenever the assessment finds possible risks. There are many companies offering risk assessment services across Australia but you must be very careful in choosing which company to hire. Here are some of the most common building safety inspections conducted for the safety of both the public and properties:

1. Fire Safety Inspections

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services advice commercial and industrial building owners to ensure that their buildings are fire safe as provided for in the Building Code of Australia. Part of the safety requirement is the installation of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and the presence of fire hydrant within accessible location. Included in the checklist for fire safety inspection are the following:

  • Access for fire-fighting vehicle
  • Smoke Management Systems
  • Adequate water supplies
  • Installation of automatic fire detection systems


2. Accessibility Inspections

Buildings also undergo inspections for accessibility especially among individuals with disabilities in terms of mobility. The Disability Discrimination Act of 1992 requires building owners to be responsible in designing and constructing the building in compliance with Disability Standards.

Compliance with accessibility requirements are usually conducted by the specialist body known as access panels.

3. General electrical safety inspections

Electrical systems can cause a lot of problems when not properly installed. In order to prevent destruction and avoid risks, the Building Code of Australia also requires general electrical safety inspections. Included in the assessment is the inspection of wiring systems, outlets and many others.

4. First aid inspections

Under Australian Health, Safety and Environmental legislation, every building must have sufficient first aid apparatus readily available and functional for use whenever the need for emergency health arises. This is mainly for the safety of every individual, whether he is a worker or a customer in the commercial or industrial building.

5. Hazardous building materials inspection

Although the use of asbestos is no longer allowed in most regions due to the health risks it provides, some buildings which are constructed decades ago are most probably made of asbestos and other hazardous building materials. In order to protect the individuals inside the building, inspections are usually conducted to check whether there is a need for reconstruction of the building.

Building Inspections Guide

Other Essential Building Inspections:

Certain industrial and commercial buildings are required to undergo specific inspections. These include the following:

  • Personal Protective Equipment Inspections
  • Indoor Air quality Investigations
  • Working and Height Safety Investigations
  • Environmental Sustainability Investigations
  • Lighting and Noise Inspections
  • Plant safety


Undergoing building safety inspections is beneficial for you to avoid health risks and probable loss of investment. Contact an inspector now for early assessment and prompt prevention.

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