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Importance Of Pest Inspections

Importance Of Pest Inspections

Pest and Termite Inspections For Your Home

Importance Of Pest Inspections

With our busy day-to-day schedules, long-term care of our homes can be the easiest thing to let slip.

We all know how important it is to get a regular check-up at the doctor. It’s just as crucial to keep on top of the health of your home and its wooden “bones.” In Australia, the chances of a house becoming termite-infested are 12 times greater than a house fire. So, we can’t stress enough the importance of termite inspections to ensure that these sneaky pests are not slowly eating way at your nest egg!

How often should you have your home pest inspected? Once a year is best. Waiting any longer can allow for more serious damage and increase cost of both repair and prevention.

Where you live also depsnds on how often to get inspected. Some areas in Queensland have humid climutes which many pests love.

How can you get the most out of your inspection? Follow these tips to ensure that your investment isn’t wasted.



Visit Pro Pest Control Brisbane

Choose a reputable company like Pro Pest Control Brisbane to manage your inspections. You can also research which companies have good reviews, or rely on good-old word of mouth. When “interviewing” inspectors by phone, don’t be afraid to ask how many years they have been in business, if they can send you a scanned copy of their termite inspection license, and if they have the appropriate insurance.


It’s also crucial to book your inspection at a time when you or another reliable member of your family can be there to “inspect” alongside them. This way, you can learn what they are looking for and better empower yourself as a home-owner.

Prepping your home for easy access:

Prepare your home to create easy access for the pest inspector by clearing away furniture from any wooden areas or access doors / vent covers where there is wood. They will need to inspect both the subfloor and the roof cavity, so make sure that all areas are pest-free

During the inspection

So you’ve booked an appointment and the inspector is at your door. Congratulations! How can you make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and truly protecting your home? Termite inspection is a hands-on job, for the inspector and for you.

Follow the inspector around

Observe, ask questions and remember what they tell you as they go about their routine. This is good to do not just to ensure that they are doing a thorough job, but also to help educate you and your family as to where termite infestations often occur.

Make sure that the professional you hired is doing their job.

As they’re going about their inspection, they should spend a minimum of approximately 2 hours for an inspection of an average-sized home. They should be checking the following areas of your home: interior, sub-floor, the exterior of buildings, land around the building, and roof area. Check if their clothes are dirty when they exit the crawlspace below your home—if they are, it means they are being thorough by crawling around and inspecting all possible areas.

The pest control field has advanced over the years, and now many kinds of devices can be used to detect infestations such as moisture meters, infrared cameras and inspection cameras. Make sure they are using their tools. Since termites can sometimes burrow deep into wood, just drilling into beams will not always provide enough information.

After the pest inspection

First, pat yourself on your back for being a responsible home owner! Second, the inspector should issue you a report, which you’ll want to review. The report should confirm that the inspection has been performed according to the Australian Standard 3660.2. It should also describe which areas of the house were inspected and if there was any pest activity. If any area was not inspected, it should list reasons why. Finally, it should list conditions in or around the house that attract or help termites spread, such as dampness, leaks, high soil levels, stored goods or faulty construction.


Finally, it a good idea to stick with the same inspector as long as you were happy with their work. (If you weren’t, be sure to post this a consumer site, if possible, so other home-owners don’t make the same mistake.) Keeping the same inspector helps you get more quality inspections since they’ll become familiar with your home and will most likely keep its history on file.

You’ve invested countless hours and finances into your home, so make sure that you don’t leave this precious asset vulnerable to these pests. You and your family will thank you for taking the time and investing a couple hundred dollars that could save you thousands!

We hope this mkaes the Importance Of Pest Inspections easier to understand.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.