Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines For Building Contractors

Those working in the construction sector understand that there are many risks which they are faced with. Accidents at the work place can lead to injuries and fatalities. However, what cannot be denied is that most of these accidents are preventable. This is the reason why industry regulators have come up with safety guidelines which all building contractors must abide by and enhance the safety of their employees. Contractors are considered to have a basic duty to guarantee the security of their employees.

Other than for promoting safety issues, the safety guidelines helps to improve efficiency and enhance cost effectiveness of construction projects in Australia. Some building standards in Australia are referenced in published regulations such as the Building-Code of Australia. This makes it compulsory for contractors to maintain the prescribed work standards. Here are some important safety guidelines for building contractors-Australia.

Trenching and excavation

Working in excavated trenches poses numerous risks. In some instances, accidents can occur which leads to fatalities. Contractors are required to understand the potential hazards which its employees might be facing while working in such scenarios before prescribing the best preventive measures to put in place. There are many OSHA technical manuals which detail the possible dangers before providing advice on how these risks can be mitigated.


Electrical Lines

Working on electrical lines presents contractors with many challenges especially if tee task is on overhead lines. The published standards shows all the kind of risks with clear explanations. There will also be standard explanations which relate to electrical standards. To prevent falls while doing electrical wiring and related electrical tasks, fall arrest systems and guard rails should be used in addition to safe scaffolding and ladders.

OSHA compliance and general safety

  • OSHA was set up to ensure that working environments are safe for workers.
  • Employees must wear reflective jackets
  • Employees working in a building site must put on helmets.


Fall protection

When working in a place that is raised by more than a meter, it’s imperative to know that there is a real danger of falling. The standards recommend the adoption of safe methods which can be used to offer protection against potential dangers. It’s imperative that safety officers and other representatives of the contractors must apply what is recommended in safety guidelines for building contractors – Australia. Proper use of fall protection kit reduces the potential risk by half.


Safe work technique statements

Australia requires contractors to furnish them with evidence on how they plan to minimize their exposure to risk. Among the things which they should report on include:

  • The risk of any person falling from raised places
  • Working on telecom towers
  • Tasks that involve the use of explosives
  • Working in a confined space
  • Working on precast concrete
  • Working on projects that requires alteration of structures


Don’t risk your safety

Every building contractor with projects in Australia has a basic duty to guarantee the security of its employees. The above safety guidelines for contractors offers proper guidelines which will assist to mitigate the risks involved. The regulations also ensure that the minimum quality standards and efficiency is achieved.