Research Papers

Entomologists, pathologists and nematologists, from BSES and other research organisations, have generated an extensive knowledge of the distribution, damage, identification, biology and management of a wide range of Australian sugarcane pests and diseases.

Due to their economic impact, the majority of pest research has focused on canegrub management including:

Improving controlled-release insecticide formulations to extend the time that active ingredients are available in the soil.
Using remote imagery to detect and monitor canegrub infestations.
Developing monitoring and prediction systems for canegrub infestations, allowing for strategic applications of insecticides within an Integrated Pest Management framework.
Our biosecurity pest research has focused on investigating exotic pests such as the Sesamia borer.

In their research our pathologists are seeking ways of identifying and managing sugarcane diseases. Current pathology research includes:

Screening clones in the plant breeding program for endemic and exotic diseases.
Screening samples from Productivity Service officers for Ratoon Stunting Disease.
Developing screening methods for nematodes.
Developing molecular screening methods for the positive identification of diseases.
Our entomologists and pathologists provide a valuable pest and disease identification service and assist in monitoring pest and disease levels.