Combined Building & Pest Inspections

Combined Building & Pest Inspections Explained

Combined Building & Pest Inspections

Buying a home is a big deal for everyone involved. Whether you are on the receiving end of the home, or trying to sell your own home, you want to know that the home in question is functioning at the best it possibly can be. However, many Australians seem to be a bit lax when deciding on such a large investment and then end up unhappy with their purchase. Fortunately, the best way to combat buyer’s remorse is easy and affordable, by ensuring that a thorough Combined Building & Pest Inspections has been conducted and both parties are satisfied with the results before continuing with any negotiations.

What is a Building Inspection?

A building inspection (also known as a home inspection) is an analysis and detailed report on the current condition of a home or property. A few of the major things that are checked by an professional inspector include:


  • Ensuring that there are no cracks in the wall
  • Checking for dampness throughout the house and property
  • Confirming that the plumbing is working properly so that the new owners are not in for a horrible surprise
  • Examining the electricity connection


  • Look for external or exposed power lines
  • Testing the water pressure
  • Checking the property for poisonous plants
  • Making sure the building is structurally sound


What is a Pest Inspection?

A pest inspection details all of the rooms of the house, both inside and out, in order to inform the homeowners if there is or has ever been an infestation of termites. Termites are crippling to the structure of any building and their effects can take place quickly, so it is extremely important to figure out if the home that is on the market is at risk. To learn more about pests and the management from Queensland Health click here.

A few facts about a general Pest Inspection include:

  • A pest inspection usually takes about an hour to complete
  • The inspection is looking for evidence of both an active infestation of termites as well as older termite damage
  • This is a visual test, which is performed in every room and building throughout the property, including any accessible roof or sub-floor areas.
  • The report is usually emailed to the person that requested the report the next morning for a hasty decision-making process


Benefits of Combining a Building and Pest Inspection?

Building and Pest Inspection Beneifts

Of course, homeowners and prospective homeowners can choose to conduct a building inspection, and a pest inspection separately, one or the other, but homeowners are finding that it is far more convenient, in more ways than one, to combine both a building and pest inspection together in order to get the easiest and fastest peace of mind. Below is a guide based for Queensland home owners based on interviews with local inspectors like Pro Inspections Brisbane who is qualified and reputable building and pest inspection company based in Queensland. If you are located in other states or cities such as Sydney and Melbourne please consult local professionals in your area for advice specific to your state government.

With a combined building and pest inspection:

  • You can be assured that you are getting exactly what you are paying for
  • Both inspections can be done quicker, so that a decision can be made sooner
  • The homeowner and the seller will be working from the same information, which will be all in one location
  • In addition to problems, a positive, combined building and pest inspection can also increase the value of your home

Why Are They Important?

In addition to giving peace of mind, there are many other reasons why it is so important to have a combined building and pest inspection.

Having a combination building and pest inspection can:

  • Give a completely unbiased account of the structure of your home or potential home
  • Provide information that will assist both parties in negotiating the current and future value of the home
  • Help to prevent accidents in the future by giving allowing you to know the inside safety scoop about your home
  • Eliminate the possibility of having to pay expensive fees to repair your home later on, which will cause you to look at it as a bad investment



Building & Pest Inspection Costs

The costs may vary slightly when buying a home in different areas of Australia, but right here in Queensland, the costs vary slightly, depending on the size of the home in question.

*NB: Please note these prices are set out as a guide only. You will need to consult with your local building inspector to get exact prices for your location.

Building Inspection Costs:

  • If your home is an apartment, you will be paying about $280
  • If your home is an single level property, you will be paying about $300
  • If your home is a double level property, you will be paying about $330.00.

Pest Inspection Costs:

  • If your home is an apartment, you will be paying about $220
  • If your home is an single level property, you will be paying about $250
  • If your home is a double level property, you will be paying about $260.00.

Building and Pest Inspection Costs:

Yet, if you choose to have a building and pest inspection completed within this area, then homeowners should only expect to pay:

  • $390.00 for an apartment
  • $420.00 for a single level
  • $430.00 for a double level



Whether you are new to buying or selling your home or you are seasoned, you are always going to want to have a Combined Building & Pest Inspections done throughout the house and the grounds, in order to determine that you are receiving, or selling, everything that you hoped the house would be.